Forthcoming Publications

In order to respond to the frequent inquiries that we have received in regards to future publications, it seems beneficial to provide a summary of the projects on which we are currently working. We are a very small press with a very limited staff and we need your help to make these publications a reality.

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The Service of Vespers. This volume appears as the second in our "Common Book of Church Hymns," Benedict Sheehan, editor. Comparable to the first volume, The Divine Liturgy, this title will include all of the music necessary to sing Great Vespers on Sundays and major feasts. Written in a single, treble staff, it is meant to be flexible in its application, usable for a single voice, two-part, and four part ensembles. We are finishing the last edits and have begun the typeset. Our hope is to have this title in print by the end of 2020.

The Psalter: A joint publication between SVS and STM Press. The English speaking world is in little need of yet another Psalter translation. Yet, the existing translations are not accessible to our press and thus, in order to complete other liturgical publications, it is a vital necessity to have a Psalter to which we have full publication rights. The forthcoming Psalter adopts, as far as possible, the common, received texts of the OCA and seeks to provide as a smooth and unnoticeable experience to the worshiper. Thus, it is not our ambition to provide a critical translation, but a liturgical one. Some of the new Psalter texts have appeared already in our popular Orthodox Christian Prayers

Holy Week: A joint publication between SVS and STM Press. Since our Psalter is nearly complete, we have begun to compile a revised set of the services of Holy Week, based upon the original OCPM booklets and the SVS Holy Week music books. The new publication will eventually appear as both single booklets and a single volume. The projected date of publication is between one and two years.

The Horologion. Having a complete Psalter has also enabled us to compile a complete Horologion, containing the ordinary texts for all of the services of the hours. Work has only begun on this project. The projected date of publication is between one and two years.

Service Book for the Laity. Our current Hieratikon series is the benchmark publication for OCA priests and deacons in serving the Divine Services. However, these books can be quite unwieldy for the laity. Thus, we are modifying the texts for both Vespers and the Divine Liturgy, both omitting and expanding the contents of the Hieratikon, to act as a more comprehensible guide for the faithful in following the Divine Services. It is our hope to make this available by early next year.

Akathist to She Who is Quick to Hear. A reprint with small corrections. Should be available by December, 2020.

Service Book of the Major Sacraments. Our current four-volume set of The Great Book of Needs is being phased out and will be replaced by several smaller publications. The first will be a service book of the major sacraments (Marriage, Baptism, and Unction). The funeral service already exists as an independent texts. The projected date of publication is two years.

In addition to our liturgical publications, we have several other titles in various stages of development, among which are:

Adventures in Africa, by Archbishop Makarios of Kenya. We are just finishing up the final edits and should have this book to the printer by mid-September.

The Cross of Loneliness, the correspondence of St. Sophrony and Fr. Georges Florovsky, with an introduction by Dr. Alexis Torrance. This title is in the final stages of editing with a projected publication date of December, 2020.

Sing to Your Soul, Volume II: Life in the Church, David C Ford, editor. Projected publication date, early 2021.

The Immigrants and the Archbishop, a book on the lives of St. Alexis Toth and Archbishop Ireland. This is still in the early stages of development.

A book of four historical documents related to the life and work of St. Nikolai of Japan. As soon as Adventures is sent to print, we'll begin work on this exciting publication. We hope to have it out by Lent, 2021.