A View from the Moosic Mountains

It would be difficult to overstate the joy and relief it was to emerge from our monastery's lockdown this week. Nearly three months have elapsed since my family and I have left the monastery property. Though we are still taking reasonable caution, we are permitted to see many of our close friends who live in the surrounding area. I also took the opportunity to climb the long ridge of "mountains" that rise about three miles from the monastery, dividing our "valley" and the valley in which Scranton and Wilkes-Barre lie.

The website and corresponding sales system have preoccupied my attention for the last past few weeks. Our launch has gone well. I have once again realized how ill-adapted I am to the world of technology but I am thankful for Fr. Joel Wilson for his continued support and patience. As we work out all the wrinkles, I am looking forward to returning to my work with the Press. We have several exciting new titles that I need to typeset and send to print.

I have also enjoyed taking part in the ICOSM (The International Society for Orthodox Church Music) conference taking place online through the sponsorship of St. Vladimir's Seminary.

Best wishes,

Fr. Mikel Hill