Sing to Your Soul: Volume I

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Customer Reviews

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Fr. Nick Aiello
A Treasure!

The Accessibility of Dr. David Ford's excellent translation of our great Father St. John Chrysostom, is matched only by the texts he has chosen and seamed together into this wonderful, single work.

Our mission has been reading it at our coffee hour after divine liturgy on Sundays and it continues to both edify and challenge us every single week. Chrysostom's anthropology in particular - his high and beautiful view of man (even fallen man!) - is like a balm to our converts who have been indoctrinated into the dark, pessimistic anthropology of the West (both Roman Catholic and Protestant).

To distill the mountain of teaching this Father of Fathers has left us into this wonderfully accessible volume is truly amazing. It is already a treasure! I cannot recommend it enough and we are very excited to continue our reading on the Church with the second volume!

Luke Stultz
Beautiful and Insightful

This is a wonderful book that will make you appreciate even more the beauty that God has created for each human being. I highly recommend it...take it a few passages at a time and let them sink in.

M. Christy Locke
Retreat for the Soul

Reading Dr. David Ford's "Sing to Your Soul"- a translation and selection of writings from St. John Chrysostom- has truly been a retreat for my soul. Dr. Ford has carefully chosen and arranged these beautiful writings so that others may see God's perfect divine order throughout the whole of creation, which is continuously leading us back towards our salvation and unity with Him. Reading this book has given me a profound sense of awe at the incomprehensible love Christ has for all mankind, the crown of His creation.

I highly recommend reading this book and keeping it near to be revisited again and again!

Fr. Alexis Baldwin
Excellent and Translation

Sing to your Soul, volume one is both an excellent and edifying translation of selected quotations from the works of St. John Chrysostom. Edifying as part of daily reading to include in your morning prayers and personal reflection. Looking forward to subsequent volumes!
Highly recommended!

Fr Raphael Vereshack
Riches in Brevity

The very amount that has been preserved and translated from this great saint, presents us with a practical question. What edition of his works should I start reading and which particular work should this be?

Here Sing to Your Soul is found to answer just such a question, for it gathers together select passages from the homilies of the saint, that present the entire dispensation of the Holy Trinity in relation to mankind and creation, in a step by step fashion.

Thus in each select chapter and passage there is a clarity and brevity, which connects with the passage that precedes and follows it, and which allows us to meditate upon each insight of the saint, which in turn is part of the greater whole.

Sing to Your Soul is well recommended as a way to begin reading the works of St John Chrysostom.

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