St. Tikhon’s Monastery Press is guided by the desire to produce bound publications of the highest quality in service to the Orthodox Church in America. The Press considers the quality of its publication’s content, editing, and aesthetic to be of paramount importance. In pursuit of this aim, the Press has limited the scope of its publications to texts and music used in public and private worship, hagiography, and monastic literature.

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To read about our commitment to printed, bound publications, see our article: "Why Print"

It is the inevitable nature of publishing that certain titles are not re-printed. This is due largely to the diminishing interest that some titles command, their appeal to a small audience, and the saturation that occurs once most potential readers have obtained copies. While it is regrettable that some readers may be thus prevented from obtaining a copy of title they find to be valuable, the wide disparity between the sales from re-prints and the cost for producing them does not justify the endeavor.