Faith Seeking Understanding

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Mikel Hill

It is not often that the writings of a relatively young scholar are collected and published posthumously by his colleagues and friends; more rare is the exceptional quality of those writings. Faith Seeking Understanding represents just such a rare event: the writings, letters, & sermons of Fr. Matthew Baker compiled and meticulously edited after his death in a car accident in 2015 at the age of 37. Exploring this book, the reader soon discovers the remarkable combination of a vigorous faith and a keen mind that led his colleagues to wonder if he was not—in the words of Fr. Alexis Torrance—"the next Lossky, or Zizioulas, or indeed Florovsky." Indeed, Fr. Matthew is an eminent example of that promising school of modern orthodox thought, for which Florovsky was a founder, that is at once rooted in the scriptural, patristic, and liturgical worldview and at the same time possesses the courage and the erudition to engage with broader theological worlds—both East and West, both medieval and modern.
Throughout this volume, Fr. Matthew's great love for and thorough knowledge of Fr. Georges Florovsky is evident. However, Fr. Matthew also discusses a wide variety of subjects: the hermeneutic of St. Ephraim the Syrian, teleology in Met. John Zizioulas, and modern Russian sophiology. Baker's breadth of knowledge makes this book an intense but rewarding read; intellectually rigorous, but without that pretentious verbosity that characterizes much of the output of modern academia.

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